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Topikal CBD 500mg CBD Emu Oil Salve

Topikal CBD 500mg CBD Emu Oil Salve


Through years of research and experience in the hemp industry, we concluded that hemp CBD is absorbed BEST when applied with emu oil. Emu oil has a powerful transdermal agent that can penetrate deep into the skin. Our Emu oil is Certified Organic and contains over 70% fatty acids, including omega 3-6-9. We have added CBD to extend the list of benefits that emu oil offers. Some of those benefits include treating eczema, cuts, burns, dry skin, sunburn, and irritation. Emu oil not only hydrates and nourishes the skin, but also helps relief muscle aches, joint pains, and helps heal bruises and cuts.


Ingredients: Hemp Derived CBD Oil (500MG), 100% Pure Organic Emu oil, 100% Pure Organic Bees Wax, Topikal Original Scent.